Death, Grief, and Life

Summerhill, NY 2013

Summerhill, NY 2013© Russell K. Davis


Today’s Quote:  “Grief is a form of suffering with its own special ‘heat.’”

Quote #2:  “Sometimes we just need to burn with the heat of Truth’s grief.”

Quote #3:  Grief will lighten; true Love never dies.”


Amidst life there is death.  Life and death.  Joy and grief.  There is no life without death nor death without life.  Our physical reality is very dualistic.

The Holy Silence that pervades our memorial parks is perhaps the most eloquent monument to the living Truths of the deceased.  What were their experiences in life?  Seeing a tombstone, who was she?  Having crossed over who is she now?  Another marker, who was he?  Who is he now since departing?  What wisdom did they learn and bring into this world when they lived?  What were their stories; what were their words?

What would they tell us?   I would like to know.

The greatest truths cannot be expressed in words.  It is perhaps best hinted at in Holy Silence.  The truths of the deceased live on in the hearts of their loved ones, quietly, eloquently.  And in the Total Consciousness, or God, that pervades all. Continue reading

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Soul’s Dark Night


Today’s quote:  “Just be and see.”

Quote #2:  “Take the best and leave the rest.”

Mythosophy is theoretical (theoria, Greek).  So is life.  Indeed, it must be, for theoria means “looking, seeing and knowing;” or contemplation.  The fruits of contemplation are the practical gifts that allow us movement in consciousness.  Mythosophy reconnects our true words and our true stories with their contemplative roots and is quite practical.  Our lives are filled with practical moments.  We solve our problems and live.

As we travel from birth to death we travel and move in consciousness.

I was enduring a period of spiritual doubt and, worse, malaise.  What do we do when we know not what to do?  What shall we be if we know not what to be?  Where do we go when stuck, when we cannot move? Continue reading

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The Law of Three

Today’s Quote:  Let us create Eternity.”

Pythagoras taught that numbers represent divine realities (see “Mathematics of Consciousness”  here)

One divides into two.  Out of two, a balancing third arises.  Beginning, middle, end.  The created is creatively caused, yet also sustains and balances its creators.  Father, mother, child.  All creation has a beginning point, a sustaining length, and a concluding end point.  Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.  We may recall the dialectical triad of “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” introduced by Fichte (not Hegel).

The creative process is expressed in the circle of three.  This is the Law of Three.

“Law of Three”

“Experience is the father of Wisdom.

Contemplation is Wisdom’s mother.

Create, O Soul, thy wise child

Old and young, all in one.

Beginning, middle, and end,

adds up, spiritually, to One.”


One equals three; three equals one.

One Love; many forms.

Many forms; one truth.

“For as the Pythagoreans say, the world and all that is in it is determined by the number three…” Aristotle (De Caelo, 1, 288a, 13)

Pythagoras was one teacher, we were some of his many students.  It is time for his children to spiritually create, to be and act as father, mother and child.  Let us create eternity.

In the past was our future; in the future will be our past.

Creation springs forth from Eternity as an echo.  Listen to the echo and follow it back to its Source; its original sound.  Seed sound; Nadabindu.  Creation may be collapsed back into Eternity.  Eternity is timeless; it has neither space nor time.

Sky, Sea, Earth.  Zeus, Poseidon, Hades.

Triangles were once worshiped.  The Jewish Star comprises two triangles.

Follow your spiritual heart and it will take you where you need to go.  Let us create eternity.

Mythosophy is a perspective on Wisdom that opens one to the hidden transcendence within present experience.

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We Live to “Solve for X”

canyonlands 16x24 edged

Canyonlands, Utah, Russell K. Davis ©2011

Today’s Quote:  “No path or religion ‘owns’ spirituality; you do.”

Quote #2:  “Our lives are experiments; our particular science is to conduct our experiments to distill wisdom’s essence.”


As heroic Souls we are not here to live a life of ease, but to face our tests and learn our lessons.  The world is a schoolroom and the different parts and phases of our lives are as separate classes we take for a grade.  Many times we pass; sometimes we fail.    Life is about solving problems; turning problems into situations.  As in a mathematical equation where we solve for an unknown answer “X,” we live to “solve for X.”

I once belonged to a spiritual path that through decades had devolved and transformed into a religion.  Sensing that the “church” was gradually becoming more dogmatic, bound by guidelines and rules, I left.  I still appreciated the teachings of spirituality just not the “dos and don’ts.”  Increasingly, to participate one had to perform a kind of organizational dance that I with amusement called the “should and shouldn’t shuffle.” Continue reading

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The Examined Life

Today’s Quote:  “The unexamined life is not worth living…”  Socrates

Have you ever taken a test at school with which you were so well-prepared that its taking was fun?  I have, and the memory stands in contrast to other memories of other tests whose taking were “less than joyful.”  Our lives are as school courses we take for a grade.  We undergo a series of tests with the goal of at least passing and hopefully excelling.

Clearly, life for us is a kind of classroom.  We learn our lessons quickly or slowly until one day we graduate. We then learn that graduation is not an ending, but a beginning for our next course of study.  Our life’s journey is a path, a way.  Our journey is a course we travel; it is our life’s teaching.  It is our school examination.

Mythosophy, the Wisdom of Myth, deals with our “Foundational Life Goals” or Motivating Ideals.  These often manifest as our practical goals.  They serve us as creative matrices or focal points in our lives for movement of our consciousness.  Toward what do we move?  That is up to us. Continue reading

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Icarus, Balance and Spiritual Flight

Today’s quote:  “Balance is living in spiritual flight.  Spiritual flight is living in balance.”

I have been a pilot most of my life and have often wondered about the metaphysical implications of the work we do.

“Airliner 123, cleared for takeoff, runway 27 Right” says the Tower Controller.  “Cleared for takeoff, 27R, Airliner 123” reads back my co-pilot.  As Captain, I switch on the takeoff lights, enter the runway and line up on the centerline.

One last check inside and out, then thrust levers advanced, auto-thrust engaged, and we begin our takeoff roll. Continue reading

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A Sound Exercise

Lone Tree, Namibia 2007

Lone Tree, Namibia© Russell K. Davis 2007

Contemplative Practices:  A Sound Exercise

Part 4:  The Spiritual Exercise of H-U-M

Today’s Quote:  “Sacrilege or sacrifice; when are we not contemplating?”

Quote #2:  “Look into the eternal mirror for your true reflection.”

Mythosophy is a contemplative path to spirituality.  It is the awakening of your journey in consciousness from yourself, through yourself, toward your future self, spiritually.  Practice is essential.

How does one contemplate?  What practices do we employ?

Good question.  I throw it directly back to you, the reader; the contemplator.  What say you? Continue reading

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