Your Image of God: Imago Dei

Volcan Baru, Panama by Scott O. Davis ©2016

Today’s Quote:  “You are born not of woman and man, but of the Image of God.”


Imago Dei is Latin for “image of God.”  The image of God is simply the realization that god permeates all; all persons, places, things.  It occurs after many lifetimes of preparation.   Or, in an instant of opening awareness.

It is neither thought nor sentiment; logic nor romance.  But, your thoughts, feelings, and actions may serve as openings or vehicles to realizing this awareness.  Realization is the “act of making real.”  We live to create and “make real” our Ideals.

You are born not of woman and man, but of the Image of God.

God is so immense that whatever one believes about it is true.  This is so because all viewpoints are particular points of reference within the great Canopy of Consciousness.  All persons, places, things are projections of God’s viewpoint:  the viewpoint of the Good. Continue reading

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We are each our own living experiment in distilling spirituality from the messy rooms of our lives.

What spirituality have you learned; what wisdom have you earned?

What is your wisdom?

Go within.  Contemplation is spirituality’s laboratory where hearts are re-born.

Go within or you will go without.


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The Gratitude Experiments

Antelope Valley, Arizona by Russell K. Davis ©2011


Contemplative Practices:  Mythosophy Experiment #1

I came back from one morning’s spiritual contemplative practice (“A Sound Exercise”) infused with a deep spirit of gratitude.  More than just the thought or idea of gratitude, gratitude permeated my entire being and consciousness.  It was uplifting and I breathed deeply this rediscovered Spirit; this old friend, my child.

I was grateful for each detail of my life.  New neighbors that would be good neighbors; two cats playing at my feet; my books and furniture, my home.  My anonymity.  The love of my family and friends.  My daughter.  The air I breathed; the body I occupied.  The temperature and weather outside.  Birds singing.  Even the political chaos that is my government was part of this mystical sense of gratitude.

The inner worlds and heavens traveled to in contemplation, meditation, or reverie are closer to the Infinite than mundane details, yet all are part of Total Consciousness. Continue reading

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Man of Light

Today’s Quote:  “Thus, do we awaken one day to find we have been chasing shadows rather than their Source…”

Quote #2:  “A ‘“Man of Light,’ golden and faceless, once appeared to me in spiritual contemplation.”

Mythosophy, the Wisdom of Myth, trades in the Ideals conveyed through stories and spoken words.

We look to the great cultural myths and literature of the past for classical wisdom.  We look to current stories and speeches for uplifting wisdom.  And, we search our own stories and words for guiding wisdom to share with family and friends.  We teach through our sharing and our wonder.

Guiding wisdom, the last of the three listed above, is perhaps the most important because it is closest to you.  It is your life lived and its earned wisdom.  We all have it because we all live it.  We have but to look and see; listen and hear.  Lives are opportunities to demonstrate and practice wisdom.  Your wisdom leads to your nobility as a spiritual being.

All are practicing the Presence of their Highest Ideal.  This ideal is our cherished idea formed into an inner reality within the womb of our creativity; our imaginations.  We all travel toward this inner ideal.  This is our spiritual journey.

But we often don’t consciously know that Ideal.  Ego tells us we should worship something other than our Spiritual Ideal.  Under the siren call of our egos, we experience a kind of “double vision;” we work at cross-purposes with ourselves and others.  Cinematically, if each “scene” of our lives is a “take,” then some of our egoistic choices are “mis-takes.”  Spiritual practices of which Mythosophy is one example can bring us clarity and heal our double vision, mistakes, and divided nature.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  (A. Lincoln paraphrasing Mark 3:25)

Thus, do we awaken one day to find we have been chasing shadows rather than their Source; the illumination behind all those faint images.  Ghosts, shadows, and reflected images dissolve before the Transcendent from which they all spring.

That is why awakening is sometimes called “Illumination.”

Learning about the divisions within oneself is a step toward truth.

What are your goals?  Toward what end are you moving?  Is it something contained in the outer world?  Or is it something within; behind your eyes, so to speak?  So many of us look outwardly through our eyes and instantly abandon our inner subjective realities in favor of the outer physical visuals and dramas.

Our end goal is not of this world.  If it were, our physical bodies would be immortal.  Seduced by the body, we continually try to make a heaven of Earth.  Often we create the opposite of a heaven because our creative premise is false.

“There is no hope in the body.”  (Last words of a dying Buddhist monk)

Earth is neither heaven nor hell; it is a testing ground.

Our attention must be withdrawn from the passing phantasms of the outer world.  Just observe the appalling news cycle for a sample of the objectionable.  That which is presented as “news” is a laughable tapestry of hyperbole to draw attention in a negative direction.  Worse, it induces emotional reactions that involve us further in illusion.

Abandon deep belief in the permanence of outer phenomena.  What we put our attention on we become.  Stop listening to its messengers.  Become a fugitive from TV.  Rather, choose contemplation within.

“The meek shall inherit the earth.” Therefore, let us not be meek for who among us wants the earth?  We are temporary dwellers upon this impermanent earth and as sojourners through it will one day depart.  Let us be spiritually brave and inherit one of the heavenly realms; one of the levels of heaven.  Earth is not meant to be heaven.  Let us practice the courage to follow our inner truth regardless of what others may say or think as long as we don’t harm others.

Our Ideal is a manifestation of Total Consciousness (God).  It will appear to you within contemplation.

A “Man of Light,” golden and faceless, once appeared to me in spiritual contemplation.  I say “man,” but it was really androgynous although slightly more angular in shape than the feminine form.   Funny, but the image appeared somewhat like the theatrical award statuette although animated with movement; not static nor holding a sword.

The image communicated aspects of Total Consciousness.  I could ask it anything and receive an answer.  But it was not in any language; the communication was non-verbal; more like subtle impressions flowing back and forth.  I write “back and forth,” but we not exactly separated.  We were interpenetrated.  It was an aspect of my higher self as I was an aspect of Its Self.

Some assert we ultimately merge into oneness with God or Total Consciousness.  Others assert that we retain our individuality in eternity.  Neither view is correct, yet both are true.  The transcendental reality goes beyond apparently opposing views into an Integral reality encompassing both.

It is unspeakable; yet knowable.

Spirituality is a re-enactment, recovery, and recreation.  It is the re-enactment for self and others of Love’s original purity before incarnation into the lower bodies.  It is a recovery of that which was lost, as in the discovery of a long-forgotten treasure.  Recovery is also a healing from sickness.  The realization of Soul’s spiritual health is a healing from the miasmic afflictions of the mind reality and emotional actions and reactions.  The seed causes of these afflictions (these dramas) play out within the lower manifested bodies of man throughout innumerable lives.

Earth is the testing ground; wisdom is the distilled result.

And spirituality is the recreation of our noble, truth bearing and heroic self.  Recreation is the inception of something new.  To recreate is to create anew.

It is in the beginnings of things that the conception of Truth is reborn, rediscovered and recovered for oneself.

Let your children be the many Ideals of Total Consciousness; God.




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We Must Fail to Succeed

Cuyler Creek, NY 2013

Cuyler Creek, 2013 ©Russell K. Davis


Today’s Quote:  “When once accused by a former partner of being superficial, I replied ‘Yes, but I take my superficiality to great depths.’”

Quote #2:  “Things that are hard to do are worth doing precisely because they are so hard.”

To many, failure is an uncomfortable topic.  Egos don’t like being challenged.  Folks avoid talk of failure the way married couples shun hearing about divorce; as if acknowledging its reality somehow will affect or “infect” their present situation with trouble.

However, we must, in some way, experience failures, if we are to succeed in the spiritual works.

Let’s look at failure, a noun meaning “lack of success.”

Perhaps more than any other profession, when asked the key to comedic success I have heard comedians emphatically declare:  “You must fail.” Continue reading

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End Times

Today’s Quote:  “The gaining of wisdom is sometimes easy; more often hard-fought.”

Upheaval evokes the feeling that reality as we knew it, the orderly flow of time, has ceased.  We experience the ending of the known and must face a new world.

When chaos and calamity invade our lives it is natural to turn within once the immediate emergency passes.  Amidst visions of buildings tumbling down, fires, gunfire, broken bodies, floods and all forms of natural disaster or human mayhem; we lose something within, not to speak of outer loss.

We turn within to re-build.  Re-building is really re-constituting.  Our individual constitution is Soul’s expression of Self.  We either express divinity clearly or we create distortions through the opaque lens of our hindering egos. Continue reading

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Aloneness filled with Presence

castle valley, ut 2011

Castle Valley, Utah by Russell K. Davis ©2011


Today’s Quote:  “Sacrifice means ‘“to make sacred.’”

The treasures of consciousness are within.  We are each infinitely rich, yet we tend not to look within.  Rather we look and defer to the outer world; our outer circumstances.  We then, unreflectively, give priority to that outer reality and often deem ourselves wanting or poor.  We thereby dishonor the essence of our own being.  Believing we are poor we often act poorly.  We act unjustly toward others and travel the lesser path.

Lulled by passing dramas or interests (as hawked by the venial “news cycle”), we are dulled to out inherent inner Spiritual Truth.  We are dulled to the spiritual essence of our breathing and the words we choose to express.  Lulled, we become dulled. Continue reading

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