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As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.

We Live to “Solve for X”

Canyonlands, Utah, Russell K. Davis ©2011 Today’s Quote:  “No path or religion ‘owns’ spirituality; you do.” Quote #2:  “Our lives are experiments; our particular science is to conduct our experiments to distill wisdom’s essence.”   As heroic Souls we are … Continue reading

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The Examined Life

Today’s Quote:  “The unexamined life is not worth living…”  Socrates Have you ever taken a test at school with which you were so well-prepared that its taking was fun?  I have, and the memory stands in contrast to other memories … Continue reading

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Icarus, Balance and Spiritual Flight

Today’s quote:  “Balance is living in spiritual flight.  Spiritual flight is living in balance.” I have been a pilot most of my life and have often wondered about the metaphysical implications of the work we do. “Airliner 123, cleared for … Continue reading

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A Sound Exercise

Lone Tree, Namibia© Russell K. Davis 2007 Contemplative Practices:  A Sound Exercise Part 4:  The Spiritual Exercise of H-U-M Today’s Quote:  “Sacrilege or sacrifice; when are we not contemplating?” Quote #2:  “Look into the eternal mirror for your true reflection.” … Continue reading

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Art, Myth; our Creativity

White Sands© Russell K. Davis, 2012 (Originally published October 15, 2015 at Today’s quote:  “You are an artist; your past is your portfolio.” At the heart of Traditionalism, also called the Primordial Tradition, is a viewpoint called the Perennial Philosophy.  … Continue reading

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Direct Spiritual Realization

(Originally published September 15, 2015 at Contemplative Practices: Direct Spiritual Realization Part 3: Direct Spiritual Realization Technique Today’s Quote: “We create our paths back to our Source.” Quote #2: “God Consciousness is consciousness of God.” Mythosophy is a wisdom … Continue reading

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Let’s Think Mythically

(Originally published August 16, 2015 at Contemplative Practices: Let’s Think Mythically Part 2: Thinking Mythically about Narcissus Today’s quote: “Life is a mirror. Life unerringly reflects back to us our states of consciousness and what we place our attention … Continue reading

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