Direct Spiritual Realization

Contemplative Practices: Direct Spiritual Realization

Part 3: Direct Spiritual Realization Technique

Today’s Quote: “We create our paths back to our Source.”

Quote #2: “God Consciousness is consciousness of God.”

Mythosophy is a wisdom path. The Wisdom of Myth is the experience of our true stories and our true words distilled from our lives. In the pursuit of wisdom we will gain and endure spiritual experience. We will learn to talk with Spirit, the expression or “Word” of Total Consciousness. Talking with Spirit means we will mostly listen.

One of the central tenets of Mythosophy is: Anyone can realize any spiritual experience at any point in time.

In offering some spiritual practices or exercises we must also inquire “What is your Spiritual Practice?” We ask this in recognition that you, the individual Soul, are already engaged in your challenging journey through life and practicing successful methods of navigation toward your distant shores of expanded consciousness.You are your own expert. What works for you? We are our own experts, yet we are also “works in progress.” We are unfinished artistic creations; a mixture of the beautiful and the “less than beautiful.”

Why do we live? We live to create; this is our being. Whatever our focus, we are builders and creators. As a child or an offspring seeks its parent, we seek our Source. We build our roads back homeward. We create our paths back to our Source.

Our Ideals are our goals. They motivate us to move in consciousness.

Direct Spiritual Realization Technique

Lightly, accept the possible reality of a being or reality (Total Consciousness) “than which nothing greater can be conceived” (Apology to St. Anselm whose phrase is quoted from the Ontological Argument for God’s existence). Going beyond thought and emotion, lightly accept its possibility. Be with that light energy. Accept it; let it accept you. Close your eyes.

Using this technique, I had the following experience one night during the summer of 2015:

I closed my eyes and inwardly perceived a vast space, a hall of infinite dimension. In contrast, I was infinitely minute, yet what I witnessed was Presence with an entity of infinite size, depth, dimension; infinite being and presence. Thrumming, power hummed and came from this awe-inspiring being. Love, too but a very different love than is the human kind. Not soft, not nurturing, this Love was like the stark, cold barrenness of a high mountain peak or a vast, empty, wasteland desert: alluring in its own aloneness. An isolated desert isle; aloof, but ever present. Alone with the Alone. It was the objective Love that, upon submission, would almost surgically remove from me any remaining impurity; any remainder that was not Transcendent, Holy, Divine. The “tough love” of a “Dutch Uncle,” one might say. Some might say “God;” not me, it was for me clearly an IT. Neither he nor she, IT transcended dualities and was not even separate from me, yet was so. It was alien and yet somehow familiar. IT was awful (full of awe). It was the transcendental “other” that was me and not-me. It was as if I were a minutely small projection from IT not different in kind or quality, but temporarily, momentarily separate.
It really defied descriptive words. It was formless and yet had a “loose” form. It might better be described as two points of view (me and IT) that was, at once separate and not separate. It was beyond human language.

We communed. There were no words for this region was well and far beyond language. There was mutual knowingness. It was my Source.

Our Source has many manifestations. We are each one of them. We spring forth from our Source with a spiritual mission or goal to accomplish.

The curtain of human consciousness descended and the awareness of my experience closed. This was my experience. It occurred in an instant that paradoxically encompassed an eternity.

“When all the temple is prepared within, why lags the drowsy worshipper outside?” (Rubaiyat, II, Omar Khayyam)

Spiritual experiences are unique and special, yet they are also quite common. Folks experience spirituality all the time; they just don’t recognize or see it that way.

We breathe all the time, yet are often not conscious of breathing.

We either believe there is no reality, no Source of Total Consciousness or we believe that It is so far removed from us that there is no hope of ever making contact. This is false; It is closer than our thoughts and feelings. It is married with our presence; our consciousness. IT, and perhaps we may say God, is behind your eyes. We don’t see it because we look away. Instead of looking within, we are looking toward the outer world with all its petty dramas.

Our mental, emotional and subconscious reactions and interpretations of experience sometimes echo and re-echo in our chamber of creativity. Our mind and emotions can sometimes be their own “Theater of the Absurd” in their chattering, inane permutations. We sometimes create and wallow in our own little outer dramas as does a clown or mime acting out a skit or pantomime.

Have you ever been in the depths or throes of some tumult, tears flowing, and found a small part of yourself laughing at it all? That still, quiet childlike self within is the Soul. It is our most important Self; the self you seek to re-unite with.

“Know Thyself.” (One saying inscribed over the Temple of Apollo, Delphi)

When aware of God’s presence these dramas become minute and inconsequential precisely because our consciousness has expanded. In the Infinite’s presence we suddenly exclaim: “Oh, it’s not about that; it’s about this!” This Presence. IT.

God Consciousness is consciousness of God.

When we turn within and balance our outer focus with attention to our inner lives, then the Presence of Total consciousness (God) may begin to arise. It was always there; we just looked away.

Spiritual experiences are quite common, quite present; we just dismiss or ignore them. They are not to be worshiped or made into idols. Doing so places our attention in the past when they occurred; we must be in the present.

It’s there for you, too. Close your eyes to see. Block your ears to hear ITS voice. Listen, look. The lights, the sounds, the wonders. The reputed “highs” from exercise, sex, drugs or alcohol (so I have heard) are as pitiful jokes compared to real contact with your Source.

Mythosophy, the Wisdom of Myth, is merely an avenue of communicating the realities of Total Consciousness through our truth-bearing stories and words: the original meaning of myth.

We can be spiritually heroic. We can serve life as heroes. We may become Knights of Total Consciousness (God) and humbly serve life in the smallest of Its ways.

What is your practice? What are your Ideals? What is your path? It isn’t possible to walk without travelling a path.

In review, the Direct Spiritual Realization Technique is to lightly, accept the possible reality of a being or reality (Total Consciousness) “than which nothing greater can be conceived.” Going beyond thought and emotion, lightly accept its possibility. Be with that light spirit. Accept it; let it accept you. Close your eyes.

You will find within what you look for. We can cease looking away.


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As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.
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