What is your Excellence?

Today’s quote: “If you endeavor to follow your heroic ideal and make it real, you will step into the genesis of your creativity; a step toward personal spiritual mastership.”

We naturally seek as part of our creativity to control our lives. But, unless the foundation of our Being is rooted in Eternal Ideals, then what we create will be “less than ideal.” The echoes of our words and deeds may later haunt us as ghostly repercussions; shunned and unwelcome. Our lives will end up out of control despite our best efforts.

The puzzle of life.

We seek mastery of our affairs. But, unless we are consciously rooted in the Transcendent, our creations will, inevitably, be the deformed and mangled creatures of our egos. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster was the result of an egotistical scientist seeking to create life, control it, and thereby replace the Divine with himself, the scientist.

The ego lacking humility seeks to be Divine, but only creates disorder. Thus, do we end up creating false images in the guise of truth, the reverence of which leads to our worship of idols.

We are not to become God, but to become “godlike.” Whether atheist or not, we may adopt and realize the uplifting qualities that spring forth from Transcendental Ideals (Buddhism especially its earliest form is atheistic, yet is a spiritual path).

How do you make contact with or “touch” Transcendence? Let us answer this question with another. What is your excellence? The Greek word for excellence is arête (pronounced “ah-re-tee”). Arête (also a Greek goddess) is defined as a thing or person’s particular excellence; its effectiveness, virtue or purpose. For example, the excellence of a knife blade is the sharpness of its blade; its effectiveness fulfills its purpose.

What is your arête? At what do you excel? What is it that you are “so clear about” or so good at that other people look to you for guidance when an issue arises or an important decision must be made? What do people look to you for when seeking clarity?

Your particular excellence is your clarity, the expression of your purpose. This connects with your particular Transcendental or Spiritual Mastery because it is the creative expression of your Ideal; your purpose made manifest.

Master your ego before you create. Until then you cannot clearly work with Spirit (transcendental energy) and the Ideals of the Transcendent. A controlled life is one controlled by Spirit where the ego has been surrendered to the Transcendental Purpose. A completely effective life is one where our ego has been made the servant of Truth.

And spiritual mastership is being in accord with this high purpose. Follow your highest heroic Ideal. Surrender the ego and begin living the greater life.

Myth (muthos, Greek) means “true story” and “true word, true speech.” If you endeavor to follow your heroic ideal and make it real, you will step into the genesis of your creativity; a step toward personal spiritual mastership.

Mastership is doing what needs to be done, saying what needs to be said; being what needs to be and allowing to be what needs to be.

Follow your spiritual myth and it will take you where you need to go as you master your path.

…and mastering your path is allowing it to master you, too.

You are your path. Mythosophy allows us to better identify the source and products of our creativity (our ideal images; our ideals) along the high and radiant road toward truth. Choose the high road. Awareness leads to conscious creation.

That is something worth knowing.


About mythosophy

As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.
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