Spiritual Acceptance

This post quote: “The things in your life that resist your best efforts are your spiritual assignments.”

Amidst our life’s hopes, dreams and aspirations there is the hard reality of what must be dealt with and handled. It is natural to resist and lament “Really? I have to expend my time and energy on that instead of creating my dream, my ideal? Why?“

It is natural to question the situations we face.

Acceptance is the humility to trust that total consciousness (“God”) is leading you toward Its realization amidst the gritty muck of everyday life; that the mundane may give way to the eternal.

Flexibility is the key to spiritual acceptance.

Aesop’s fable, “The Tree and the Reed” well portrays this. Once upon a time there was a mighty oak tree and a little reed at its base. The great tree looked down and said: “Why don’t you grow as tall, strong, and majestic as I? There is nothing that can harm me.” The little reed looked up and replied, “I’m quite content just as I am, and safer.” The great tree sneered, “Safer! Who shall lay me low?”

Time passed and a great wind arose. The mighty oak resisted with all its strength. The little reed offered no resistance and bent with the wind. Rising to a gale, the fierce wind toppled the great oak tree over. As the wind ceased blowing, the reed rose back upright again and gazed at the fallen oak. The mighty was brought low and the small was raised up.

It’s about the hardness and rigidity of ego versus the flexibility of spiritual consciousness.

We do what we do and create what we can, but when life presents us with insurmountable obstacles, we must bend with them. If we resist, we enter a fighting ring and begin a terrible travail that may harm us, perhaps “knocking us out for the count.” We upset our equipoise until, tired of the struggle, we finally surrender and accept.

We learn to bend.

There is a time to act, do and create. There is a time to accept. Wisdom knows the difference. Usually, when nothing we do works any longer, it is time to accept. However, spiritual consciousness, if we listen, can more quickly bring acceptance. Humility is behind our flexibility to accept that which we cannot change.

Patience gets us through.

Honor the suffering not for the greatness of their spirit, but for the recognition that God (total consciousness) so trusts them that He gives them His problems to carry for safekeeping. Our problems are really God’s problems; we just think they are ours.

We carry God’s problems and God carries us.

The things in your life that resist your best efforts are your spiritual assignments. If you can, accept them. Even simple acceptance is a great spiritual step; the acceptance of a little reed.


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As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.
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