Applied Mythosophy 1

This post quote: “If you do what you love, you will end up loving what you do.”

To date my posts on Mythosophy have been somewhat theoretical. Mythosophy is, in reality, quite practical.

I find history fascinating and have avidly followed news of the many 150th American Civil War historical reenactments. For the participants, it must be a kind of “men’s club” with a historical focus. Men practice working together through group activities such as setting up camps, cooking meals over a fire, and marching in formations. Wearing uniforms, they set aside career and individuality to create a historical military hierarchy based on rank and mutual respect. The simulated battles must give, for them, a small sense of the historical reality and sacrifice. It certainly does for the spectators.

I once interviewed some participants at an event. There is a range of ages from young teens to some men in their 60s. In visiting one camp, I overheard two young men discussing a worry over what they would do with their History degrees after graduation from college; perhaps, they should quickly change majors to something more marketable. Such a modern topic while wearing replica uniforms from the War Between the States was ironic. No matter, Mythosophy inspired me to interject: “You know, if you do what you love, you will end up loving what you do.” One asked: “What do you mean?” I continued: “Well, if you follow your true love, your true interests, and do what you love, and not break the law, you will create the future conditions for work or a career you will be happy with. Here’s why: If you do what you love, you are making a bet on yourself. When you bet on yourself, you are betting on your truth and happiness. You may or may not end up working as an actual historian, but you will find that an opportunity will come your way so connected with history that it will inspire your interest and creativity. You will likely end up happy in your work and career. You must bet on yourself. Betting on yourself creates your better future. If you don’t bet on yourself, why should anyone else do so? That’s how you honor and practice your truth. Make the bet.” The two young men found confirmation in my words and seemed relieved. I don’t know what they eventually decided, but these were the words that came through. I had spoken mythically. Myth, as previously posted, means true stories and true words.

This is what we do: we share our words, stories, “lessons learned,” our wisdom to help one another. We are each on a march through life. This march is a practical one, not a theoretical one. Sometimes the route is easy and wide; level or downhill. At other times the way is upward and rocky; narrow and dangerous. Who among us has never benefited from a helping hand or word of wisdom?

When ideals conflict within our hearts we can experience a personal “Civil War.” Within the crucible of our consciousness the heat and pressure of conflicting ideals work toward resolution. As “scientists of consciousness” we must experiment, distill, and identify the ideal that will take us farther upon our path. The fires of experience can scar; the living waters of your inner solace, as Soul, can always assuage and heal. Seek the inner balm of mythosophical reflection and contemplation.

There is nothing theoretical about the spiritual life. It is as practical as cleaning one’s home and taking out the trash. Your creative process is your life; your craft is your particular excellence, your expressed clarity and purpose–your wisdom. It is your heroic march.

When we experience the fullness of living truth, we find that experience so refreshing, nurturing, and uplifting that we often spend our lives seeking again to reenact the conditions that occasion these transformations. We march from the holy, through the holy, and toward the holy. The knowledge of mystical experience is gnosis. Know and flow; be and see.

Make the bet on your highest ideal; it’s an essential part of your happiness and journey to truth.


About mythosophy

As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.
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