Spirit is Breath

This post quote: “Inspiration is spirit in motion.”

In Mythosophy, we muse. We muse and wonder about life.

What is spirituality? Well, it is that which makes us spiritual; connects us with spirit. What, then, is “spirit?” The word comes from the Latin spiritus which means “breath, breathing.”

Spirituality is that which allows us to breathe better. What restricts our spiritual breathing?

People all the time gladly join and commit to organizations or institutions which wind up promoting, regulating, and enforcing rules, guidelines, procedures, and restrictions. Those who grow in consciousness eventually move beyond limitations. One day members awaken and realize they cannot breathe as freely as they once did, “once upon a time.” Nor breathe as freely as they now wish. Our natural inclination is freedom, yet we work against ourselves by binding ourselves to organizations, religions, dogma, social contracts and social approval.

Some of this, of course, is necessary to make our way in the world. A business structure, for example, can be a useful tool for advancing the individual, family, and the common good. But, does that mean we worship that structure? A tool is useful during the work day, but when day is done, we set aside our tools.

Detachment is the key to unlock our fetters.

Fear and guilt, also, can restrict our breathing. They can place a choke hold upon our well-being that constricts our freedom to choose and be. Under their dictatorships we become enslaved. These twin phantoms can shadow our consciousness until life is done unless first resolved.

What allows you to breathe better, to be inspired? What allows your creativity? Move toward this oasis and dwell therein. Inspiration is spirit in motion.

Spirituality is breathing deeply your freedom as a creative spirit; Soul. With our whole beings let’s breathe so deeply that we feel we are breathing from our heels.

Mythosophy is one way to breathe deeply the spirit of life.


About mythosophy

As a tracker follows a trail, I search for wisdom's footprints within the old stories, some newer ones, and selected aphorisms.
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